With views stretching over Istanbul in all directions, as the name suggests, glamorous 360 is worth coming to for that alone. You certainly wouldn’t come here for the food. Its “society shish kebab summer remix” turns out to be two sticks of meat presented at a jaunty angle, instead of in traditional parallel lines, and the rest of the menu really doesn’t warrant the vertiginous prices. Instead of booking dinner, come here early, persuade the waiters to give you a coveted window seat, and sip your drink very slowly. Then source a proper bite to eat on the street below.
  • Istiklal Caddesi 311, Misir Apartman floor 8, Beyoğlu, +90 212 251 1042, 360istanbul.com


​​His place is best known for the sublime dishes it serves in its sister restaurant across the street, but Çiya is also one of Istanbul’s finest kebab-makers. The menu at this branch reads like a listing of kebab’s greatest hits, with regional specialities from throughout Turkey’s south-east region, the country’s kebab-making heartland. Fistik kebab, made of minced lamb and chopped pistachios, and hashasli kebab, with poppy seeds, are two standouts. Some of the seasonal kebabs, such as those grilled with quince, loquats or cloves of fresh garlic, are simply divine.

  • Güneşlibahçe Sokak 43, Kadiköy, +90 216 330 3190, ciya.com.tr , mains £7. Open noon-10pm daily


If you want to venture further up the Bosphorus, and the Istanbul social ladder, follow the phalanx of Porsches trailing towards Lucca. Situated prominently at the heart of Bebek’s cafe scene, this has become the kind of place self-consciously cultish enough to flog homemade albums mixed by the in-house DJs who hold the floor on Friday and Saturday nights. Lucca starts the day as a restaurant and turns into a bar after the sun sets – and a magnet for Istanbul high society. Most Lucca regulars flee to the Turkish riviera in the warmer months, so don’t expect much celeb-spotting before the autumn. Then again, you might get a table.
  • Cevdetpaşa Caddesi 51/b, Bebek, +90 212 257 1255, luccastyle.com


​​Probably the city’s glitziest club, this is where Istanbul’s investment bankers dance the night away on the banks of the Bosphorus – the super-flash avoid the traffic of the coastal road and arrive at the club by boat. Its two floors are large enough to include Istanbul’s priciest – and, some say, best – restaurant, which comes with a nifty trick: diners don’t have to pay the 50TL (£18) entrance fee to the club (although once the bill comes, that may not seem like such a saving).

  • Muallim Naci Avenue 44, Ortaköy, +90 212 259 5919, reina.com.tr